What Is Sustainability & Why Do I Keep Hearing About It?

Sustainability has been a hot topic as of recently, and justifiably so, however you may have seen the phrases ‘eco-conscious’, ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ and wondered what on earth these mean, and why many have chosen to consciously tread down this path. Don’t fret – there’s a lot of information out there to sift through, so we’ve nailed it down to a few key points that, not to brag, will likely change your life and allow you to aim to sustain.

As any social media trend, sustainability has picked up in interest via influencers, celebrities and notable figures with accounts dedicated to the cause as well as hashtags allowing communities to flock to a certain niche of eco-culture for education and collaboration. Whilst Instagram & Facebook often receive a negative review when it comes to mental health & how excessive consumption can affect an individual, they have been a positive driving force in enlightening and informing the masses.

To put it simply, the Earth needs our help and many have been banding together to essentially Band-Aid our planet back together and do their part to maintain its functionality and of course beauty.

So, first things first, what exactly is environmental sustainability? It has much to do with conserving an ecological balance by avoiding the depletion of our Earth’s natural resources by reducing and unlearning damaging human practises. We can do this via swap outs, including minimising our plastic consumption and instead replacing with recyclable and reusable alternatives, growing organic food without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, adopting a plant-rich diet, and so much more.

Living sustainably is like sharing a cake, allowing our current generations needs to be met, without compromising the ability of a future generation to meet their essentials. We get by comfortably (and arguably in better style), whilst ensuring everyone at the table is fed. Win win, right? The best part of all is that you are in the driving seat; you can achieve as much or as little as you like dependent on the effort and the passion you put into this value.

Sustainability is a conversation you can easily have with others, a topic you can advocate for on your social media pages or personal blog site and a way of living that allows you to feel good about yourself & about the inspired action you take each day. If you’re a lost millennial searching for a purpose, what better path to take than one that sustains the Earth that houses you?

Sustainable living works to realise an environmental equilibrium, often called “net zero living”, with the Earth, essentially returning to the planet whatever you take. Realistically, none of us will ever be able to truly achieve zero environmental impact, which is why sustainability in its intention is truly just doing your best and your part. If everyone contributes a little, the community impact is enormous. One small step for sustainability, is one large leap for the future of our planet. 

There is no perfect picture of “sustainability” or end goal when it comes to your eco-impact. It’s very much a personal interpretation as well as an ongoing feat. There are many strategies, actions and lifestyle alternatives that accumulate sustainability and the sky is the limit for how far along the sustainable spectrum you go. Although zero waste topics may be trending, sustainable living needs to become the status quo as an indispensable and default lifestyle ethos. Education is your super power and your key to consciously moving forward and making waves in this area. To stay up-to-date with our informative sustainability blog posts, as well as receive hot tips on how you can reduce your footprint, ensure you subscribe to receive an alert the first week of each month. Whilst you're at it, join our Facebook group - we'd love to have you.